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Homeowners that live in manufactured homes often face confusion and frustration at the worst possible time. In the 11th hour when they go to buy/sell or refinance their home and the lender pops up with a final condition, "We need an engineer's certification of the manufactured home foundation". For many this becomes a crisis when the foundation fails to meet the requirements of HUD handbook 4930.3, "Permanent Foundation Guide for Manufactured Homes". To resolve the situation and proceed with the loan, the lender will then require an engineered upgrade, repair or a retrofit on the foundation in order to meet the HUD guidelines. In a state of panic, where does the borrower or lender go for a reliable source to satisfy this condition? The answer is Structured Solutions, Inc.

Structured Solutions, Inc provides a turn-key process for the lender, home owner and real estate agent. By working with a local, licensed structural engineer (see below for info), we can provide the necessary foundation upgrades in an efficient manner (turnaround is typically less than 3 business days) while wading through the lending requisites, local building department requirements, providing an engineer's certification letter verifying that the foundation meets the HUD guidelines.

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